November 2009

Another week has passed here, time goes very quick in this rollercoaster ;-)
Some things that have happened since my last personal view of my journey here :
- Got a visit from my parents and my sister which was really cool. The pictures were uploaded on picasa

I guess it was time to contribute back to the drupal community.
Soon me and ateneatech will contribute some modules that we created for a client but as of now I'm an individual member of the drupal association!

Ever tried to log all your email?
People come up with the craziest ideas to log email but luckely in drupal there is a nice way to log your emails to a file in your system.

I'm currently using it only for debugging but here it goes!

If you are developing ubercart / drupal then you need to test your creditcard checkout system. There is no better way then to do it with those 2 numbers :