March 2010

During my last session on Drupalcamp in Barcelona I got the impression that there was a need for an updated guide on how to easily setup your own Apache Solr instance.

Appearently for the first time in 20 years it has snowed here alot!
It was unbelievable. During the morning nothing was abnormal (as in 10°) but from 11AM until 15-16u it started snowing. First a bit but after a hell lot more!

What do you do if all your clothes just came out of the washing machine and it starts to rain and if that is not enough the indoor wickerwork shelf broke!

See for yourself on the picture ;-)

Monday.. That day when you feel you have an empty spot somewhere that cannot be completed. You feel there is something missing! That missing thing is Drupalcamp Spain. Since Friday until Sunday afternoon the days were packed with Drupal Drupal Drupal!