Arrived in Barcelona

Hey everyone,

Here I am again with my blog about the life in Barcelona. For easier audience I tend to keep this blog in English. If you don't understand or you see something wrong, please notify me through a comment.

you don't need to register to comment on the blog posts thanks to mollom! Hoera for drupal. But as all of you know I'm kinda pro drupal... :)

The first days were pretty hectic, I arrived mondayevening and immediately I searched a house on The search went well I thought, until I started visiting the houses... But there's more! See the 'read more' for the full story.

To make a long story short, or it's dirty, or too much people live there, or you can't bring friends or there's no light. Oh, 1 important thing the houseowner lives with you?? No way. I want a house with young people, people that are going through the same process as I am going.

After visiting 10 houses (no kidding) I found a pittoresk house (see the google map)

2 girls are living there and I can enter the 16th. This is the place where I was searching for. Spanish speaking people that also can speak english so it's good for learning Spanish without too much trouble. Straight in the center, easily reachable with the bike, middle of all the small bars/shops that made Barcelona so big at first. For those who can situate it, it's close to St Maria Del Mar. Ok, it doesn't have a desk but I'll find my way over there. Doesn't need to be big to be good right?

Also, I'm subscribed in school, I still like to start the master. Hope that's a good thing ;-) and I went visiting the drupal company in Llobregat after some troubles with the train and school (mainly time problems..) and I really like the attitude of the guys there. Atenatech, hope it's a bright future!

So I'd have to survive until the 16th someway and then I can make my way into the house!

Greetings from the hot Barcelona