New site, Another New Beginning!

So, here it is finally. The brand new Drupal 7 site!
I needed a long time to actually get my things back together after a nice relaxing summer and implement the design Ali Mekouar made for me couple of months ago. Since I could not stay behind in the Drupal 6 to 7 saga I really needed this to get published before Drupalcon London.

This new design is inspired on the needs I had with this website. Mostly I wanted people to find the content they came here for. Not my wonderful theories on how amazing a certain comic is, no! People found this site because of the guides I made some time ago how to setup certain things like Apache Solr or even how to downgrade PHP to an earlier version.

Next steps are moving the site to a dedicated hosting and mainly find time to write regular blog posts about my new phase in life. Since I will be doing my internship with Acquia I'd like to reach out a bit more and find people to cooperate with. More about that in the next blog!

Also, back to design, Mr Mekouar was so friendly to design me a Business card in the same line of this website. I will be very happy to hand out this new card to you at drupalcon or at any meeting I could encounter you!

Hope you like it, let me know if something could be improved.

ps: If you like the design and you'd want to contact the designer, please leave me a message.