To help people understand what this slightly complex module actually does I made some sequence diagrams. There is one for Apache Solr and one for what Acquia Search does to extend it.

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Apache Solr Sequence Diagram

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In this third and fast paced blog series I'll be talking about Apache Solr Clear Url's.

in the second part of this Let's talk Apache Solr I'll be handling the revamp of Apache Solr Attachments.

The module already exists since the early days of Drupal 6, where there was not even a discussion about entities. We were talking about nodes as if they were the only important thing that would ever exist in Drupal. Anything could be done with nodes, you name it! And I'll tell you... I've seen some ugly things that people have done with those poor nodes...

Have you ever worked with the Apache Solr Search Integration project? I certainly hope so! At Acquia, we have invested a lot of time to make this module stable for Drupal 7. We did not make any sacrifices in regards of speed and/or optimizations.