Since I am trying to figure out how to work, in the most efficient way, with the issue queue in Drupal I came accross a really useful application from github named github for mac :

So, here it is finally. The brand new Drupal 7 site!
I needed a long time to actually get my things back together after a nice relaxing summer and implement the design Ali Mekouar made for me couple of months ago. Since I could not stay behind in the Drupal 6 to 7 saga I really needed this to get published before Drupalcon London.

Well, Well, Well! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this hehe

Today I presented Apache Solr in Drupalcamp Lisbon 2011 (Twitter #dclx11)

I'd like to share the example module I wrote to use the apache solr API more efficiently + the slides I used to support it. An example module for ApacheSolr Module does not exist yet but maybe this is a good start. Please comment on this to see if you have improvements.

Woa, a long time since there was an update from my side.
A lot of thing have happened and a LOT of stuff is going to happen soon!