So, here it is finally. The brand new Drupal 7 site!
I needed a long time to actually get my things back together after a nice relaxing summer and implement the design Ali Mekouar made for me couple of months ago. Since I could not stay behind in the Drupal 6 to 7 saga I really needed this to get published before Drupalcon London.

Well, Well, Well! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this hehe

Today I presented Apache Solr in Drupalcamp Lisbon 2011 (Twitter #dclx11)

I'd like to share the example module I wrote to use the apache solr API more efficiently + the slides I used to support it. An example module for ApacheSolr Module does not exist yet but maybe this is a good start. Please comment on this to see if you have improvements.

Woa, a long time since there was an update from my side.
A lot of thing have happened and a LOT of stuff is going to happen soon!


Some weeks ago I rolled in to a team that was completely new to Drupal (they came from a Java background).

A fast forward into the future

a) There is a Druplipet growing in the office right now
b) Everybody is fighting with the wonderful Drupal Knight that you can ensemble yourself!
Conclusion : Drupal is cool!

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Print out the image below and let the fun start. Maybe the people from nodeone can incorporate this Knight with the Drupal card game and make some boardgame of it ;-)
Full size JPG version of Drupal Knight to make it easier

Thanks to xcafebabe and Cubecraft for the creativity and the execution!