Some weeks ago I rolled in to a team that was completely new to Drupal (they came from a Java background).

A fast forward into the future

a) There is a Druplipet growing in the office right now
b) Everybody is fighting with the wonderful Drupal Knight that you can ensemble yourself!
Conclusion : Drupal is cool!

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Print out the image below and let the fun start. Maybe the people from nodeone can incorporate this Knight with the Drupal card game and make some boardgame of it ;-)
Full size JPG version of Drupal Knight to make it easier

Thanks to xcafebabe and Cubecraft for the creativity and the execution!


In the middle of Passeig De Gracia, next to the beautiful houses of Gaudi, a new species was discovered...!

Ali Mekouar Made a wonderful picture that makes me dream away with my memories I have with Barcelona.

In a project I am working on we are trying to combine the power of a wonderful HTML compliant theme with the flexibility of drupal theme functions.

A requested output was that in specific forms the form elements should look like this :

Whenever you'd like to theme a form you could use the theming function theme_form_element(). This function works wonderful until the moment that you need to switch the theming of all the elements in a specific form.

Correfocs, or "fire-runs" in English, are among the most striking features present in Catalan festivals. In the correfoc, a group of indivudals will dress as devils and light fireworks. While dancing to the drums of a traditional gralla, they will set off their fireworks among crowds of spectators.

But even better, some cool pics and videos of me running in the fire!